Scandinavian Open Championship 2017
International B-show and Championship, Straight Egyptian ECAHO Championship, Amateur classes, Foal classes and Liberty! Welcome to Sweden 22-23 July 2017

Welcome to our new arena – Bollerup Castle!

We have moved the show from Flyinge to Bollerup Castle Agriculture and Equestrian School, outside of Simrishamn in the very south of Sweden.

We hope you will  enjoy it!




Thank you for 2016!

To all who have participated with or without your horses!

Without all of you there would not be a show!

Special thank you to “you know who” for travelling long distance with so many horses and great friends to us!

And also Special Thank you to (not mentioned in any particular order);

All The Class sponsors! (You are all listed and loved on the webbpage! xxxx)

Lindegårdens Arabians – Pernilla and Andreas – Last years co-organizers – who sponsored generously towards the Live feed!!!

Liezl and Ernie Elz – Agmal Arabians – for the Big Easy wine we all fully enjoyed!

Anette Mattsson for your work with the show catalogue and your pictures!

Gunnel Håkansson for the absolutely delicious cakes and cookies as well as the devilish fruit drinks we enjoyed at the liberty class!

Johan Håkanssons Lantbruksprodukter in Dalby for giving us great prices for shavings and hay.

Shiranna Garlands for the contribution with the Garlands and roses

Bering House of Flowers for the fantastic Champion flowers!

Vicke Philip Sörensen for the Friday welcome snacks and for being the VIP Hostess with team Marianne, Malin and Julia.

Ringmaster Sven Svensson with Lise Egeland Svensson with THE Number girls Lizette, Tanja, Elin, Anna and Amanda for just making the show extra perfect!

Speaker Bengt Grafström for having THE voice and your great personality! xxx

Gitte Eriksen for your beautiful pictures – just love them!

Carina Vieten for the GREAT MUSIC!

Daniel and Sören Juvas for the data work, your tireless hard work before the show, during the show and after the show!! Love you!

Arabian Horse Results for filming Live Stream! It was very nice to get to know you! A professional team!

DC Line Brunsgaard and DC Vivian van Eerten for your impecable work!

Our Judges Mrs Anna Stefaniuk, Mrs Marianne Tengstedt, Mr Gianmarco Aragno
for your professional work in the heat!! Thank you!!

And last but not least

The iron ladies:

Lena Strömberg, Anki Sandberg, Ann-Sofie Holgersson, Maria Holgersson, Lillan von Ahn and lovely Louisa – and not to forget -our extra support – Calle!

What would the show be without you all! Not much!


Thank you for the great ridden display of fantastic Stallions that are both Show Champions and Dressage Champions! Loved it!